Thursday, 6 November 2014

Is your car spying on you?

Mine isn’t, it’s nearly as old as I am. But modern cars are probably spying on you.

who will own all the data they generate, how will it be used, and will our privacy inevitably be compromised?

Good questions.  Another good question is whether or not we’ll end up actually owning our own cars.  There are already companies leasing cars that shut down if the driver breaks the terms and conditions of the loan used to pay for them.  Regardless of where the driver happens to be, whether they’re picking up their kids or in the middle of nowhere or escaping an abuser….

This is part of a very unfortunate trend. We need to own our data and to learn how to spend it wisely. This is more or less impossible if we end up not owning our software, media, phones, watches, cars…

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