Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Phones being used to open hotel doors

Bypass hotel check-in entirely and use your phone to open your hotel room door.  It’s about time.  What’s the point in living in the 21st century without stuff like this?

There are some security concerns, of course. Most people seem to be concerned about whether the encryption is good enough, but I’m more worried about the back end.  There’s no reason it should be less secure than the current (now almost traditional :) swipe card system, but depending on the implementation there might be more identifiable data stored.  Plus: you can check into hotels with a false name, but it’s harder to do so with a false phone.  There might be some anonymity issues.

Still, it’s pretty cool.  Cooler still if you can use your smartwatch or smartband.  I’m working (when I get round to it) on an app for the Samsung Gear Fit that displays barcodes scanned by a phone to allow easy entrance to events that use barcodes on their tickets.  I love using new technology to facilitate old-skool technology.

A Samsung Gear Fit, yesterday

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