Monday, 1 December 2014

Ball dropped

Wait…. That could be misconstrued.  To be specific, Google and/or my mobile provider (O2) have dropped the ball on my privacy.  And battery life.

I got an OS update for my phone at the weekend.  At first it seemed that the only thing that had changed was that the battery meter is now white instead of green.  However something else has changed too.  Prior to the update, there was a button I could attach to the drop-down menu to toggle the GPS.  This has been replaced by a button to toggle all location services, including the GPS.  It’s all or nothing, now.

The only reason I can think of to do this is that either Google or O2 or both want even more accurate information about my location. I wouldn’t have minded at all if they’d kept the GPS toggle button and added the location services one, but they didn’t.

So location services are now always off.

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