Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Evil Wednesday privacy roundup

The latest stealth attempt to bring in the Snooper’s Charter was dropped without a vote due to it being stupid and wrong. It’s by no means dead, though.  Keep your eyes open.

DDoS attacks in the name of often dubious hacktivism is on the rise.

CCTV is mostly useless.

Talk Talk is blocking it’s customers’ Internet access until they opt in or out of porn.

China is aggressively blocking VPN services so it’s citizens can’t bypass the firewall.

Pinterest selling customer-generated data.

Instant messaging with an undo button.  The app also prevents people in threads from adding new participants, copying messages and taking screenshots.

Google is trying to force awful terms and conditions on musicians then seems to lie about it.

Now the DEA Is spying on US citizens without oversight.

An Ohio police officer used force to take a video camera from a disabled woman to stop her filming. Surprisingly, she (the cop) is facing criminal charges.  I guess police officers have to kill someone before they can get away with being thugs.

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