Thursday, 12 March 2015

More on the spying report

The BBC writes about the parliamentary report by the Intelligence and Security Committee, which is due to be released later today.

The committee's report is expected to look at whether current legislation provides the necessary powers, what the privacy implications are and whether there is sufficient oversight and accountability.

I’m not very optimistic.  When the former committee chair was asked if there was any evidence that more spying powers were needed, he said the evidence was that they hadn’t caught enough terrorists.  This is exactly the sort of reasoning that seems likely to result in drastic, open-ended and gradually increasing new powers.  How many caught terrorists is enough?

[The committee] heard evidence in public and in secret, and among those to appear publicly were:

Also due to be published later is the annual report from the judge who oversees the interception of communications by spies and the police.

It will provide details on the number of times this had occurred, and any errors or misuse.

We’ll see.

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