Thursday, 5 March 2015

Speaking of drones

Speaking of drones, the BBC has an inexplicable article on the five best ways to bring down a drone.

French authorities have been left mystified by two consecutive nights of illegal drone flights over central Paris.

It’s OK though, they’re blaming an oaf:

Environmental activists, terrorists, and pranksters have all been mentioned as possible suspects, but no-one has claimed responsibility.

Not terribly worthwhile speculation.

The difficult question now for the Paris authorities and in cities around the world is, how do you catch a drone?

No it isn’t.  The difficult and only worthwhile question is why the drone flights are illegal in the first place and whether they should reconsider the nature of boundaries rather than just making more of them.

The BBC has nevertheless taken it upon itself to look at what it says are the five best ways to catch a drone, whatever that could even possibly mean.  Here they are:

  1. Shoot it down
  2. Laser it (which is somehow different to shooting it down)
  3. Geo-fencing
  4. Use a giant butterfly net
  5. Jam it

Oddly, they have a sixth option, which for some reason doesn’t get a number:

Authorities with the means could also hack into the aircraft and seize its controls.

Thanks for that, BBC.  Nice to know my license fee is going toward excellent articles like this. Leaving drones the fuck alone unless they actually become a problem is an option they haven’t considered.

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