Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Do you want to hear a creepy story?

Of course you do, that’s why you’re here.  The culprit is Facebook, as it so often is.

Parents can now set up an account for their offspring so they can tag them in photographs.  This is supposed to be the equivalent of a ‘baby book’ which is a thing I didn’t know existed in the first place: a book full of pictures of a child as it grows for the sole purpose of later embarrassment.

The idea is that this ‘establishes an identity’ for the child, which can then inherit the account at age 13.

What it means is that Facebook will know a vast amount about that child from (or even before) its birth, regardless of whether it chooses to use Facebook in 13 years time or not.  It’ll know all about the child’s parents and its parents’ network of friends and family.  It’ll know about the traditions, beliefs and economic circumstances in which that child was raised.  It’ll know whether its parents have separated or died, remarried and/or had children with others.  It’ll literally know where the bodies are buried.

It’s creepy, it’s dangerous and it makes me shudder.

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