Thursday, 23 April 2015

More from Jim Killock

“I am no expert on relations between the companies and GCHQ, but it’s well known that these relations exist. Snowden, of course was a contractor, and you have companies like Lockheed Martin and the Detticas of this world essentially making money out of government contracts. Their business model is to sell technologies to governments who pay very well. The defence and security sectors - particularly in the UK - do lack proper oversight. Parliamentary oversight focuses exclusively on the legality of what GCHQ are doing.

Imagine if the Parliamentary Health Committee only ever asked, “Is the NHS breaking the law?” Imagine the lack of debate which would ensue: “Well, they are not breaking the law, so we don’t have to worry if people are dying, or if NHS money is being misspent or if companies are providing inappropriate services. They are not breaking the law, so why are you worried?”

An excellent point.  It reminds me of those people who spend more time arguing whether an act was technically rape using carefully-selected dictionary definitions and legal mumbo-jumbo than they do telling people not to do things that might be rape.

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