Wednesday, 8 April 2015

We’re the black box

The police are supposed to be citizens.  They’re supposed to protect and serve their fellow citizens. They’re not supposed to murder them in the expectation of getting away with it unless one of us happens to film it.  Police should (and in many cases do) carry their own black boxes. Many UK police have bodycams.  But they also have the right to turn them off.  The fact that they think of those cameras as protection for police rather than protection of the public speaks more than one volume.

This guy is right. Let’s have a vault for uploaded video of police officers. Let’s have an app that streams that footage to the vault in realtime. And let’s have celebrities promoting it without caveat, if we can.  Fuck it: let’s have an app that recognises police uniforms and automatically films and uploads when we point our phones at them.

Turn-around is fair play. If they film us for their own protection, we should film them for ours.

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