Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I assume this is what I sound like when I talk about privacy

From a comment by PrivateSi on the Daily Mail article here:

I've been communicating to 'The Police' of all types for years.... If you support this much power to PC Plod you're a THREAT TO HUMAN INDEPENDENCE - who's removal is a threat to HUMANITY ITSELF......... The things that make us HUMAN, Brainbashed Pavlovian Animal Zombie Sheeple........ Do you really think, if SAY for instance PrivateSi The Guardian's Real Direct Democracy became popular that an UBER STATE would not use everything in its power to DEMONISE it....... Do you really, truly trust the Uber State NOT to FALSIFY EVIDENCE with legal ease.............. ?? If so you're a wrong un' in my book.

Trouble is, he’s right.  Even more troublingly, I’m well aware that’s how I sound to most people.

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