Friday, 12 June 2015

I'm out of town for the next few days. WAY out of town

I'm in Malta and you, probably, are not. Which is a shame because it's nice here.  Even nicer now my luggage (and laptop PSU) is here with me after travelling around the globe without me for a few days.

We spent today careering around the old city of Valletta in an electric cart.  It works like this:

The cart has a GPS tablet which guides you around the streets.  This is the (very) old part of Valletta, so it isn't too busy.  When you get to certain points of interest, a disembodied voice tells you about it in a series of odd non-sequiturs.  At any point you like, you can stop the car and jump out to have a closer look at things, have a drink or whatever.  It's kind of like being in Jurassic Park.  The company is tracking the cart so if you go off-piste, they can contact you in the car to get you back on track.

The only problem was that for some reason the GPS kept cutting out, which sent us either round in circles or - in one especially stressful case - up a blind alley with about 2 inches of clearance at either side for a 28-point turn. In reverse, the throttle is binary being at either 0kph or 25kph so that maneuver was fairly fraught. The GPS instructions were also the standard ones that came with whatever box they used, which were not very good.  They could have added some advice about the particular route in the (many) ambiguous parts.  Teething troubles, the company hasn't been going long.

Still, the tour itself was very impressive, especially the part through the narrow medieval streets of the old city (pictured).

I really like what the company is trying to do and wish it every success.  The staff were all very friendly and enthusiastic (as was their dog) and despite the few hiccups, which were admittedly quite stressful, it was a good trip.

Now I have sweet, glorious power to my laptop, I might get around to posting something about privacy tomorrow.

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