Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Another privacy-centred phone

Archos is selling a privacy-based phone, the GranitePhone (warning, the site is infuriating and, as I’ll explain in a minute, contains virtually no details about the phone). Unfortunately, there are very few details about the phone, even on the GranitePhone website but it seems to:

  • Come with storage encryption on out of the box
  • Encrypt communications, including voice
  • Run an Android fork called GraniteOS (but I’ve no idea which version of Android)
  • Costs $849 for a fairly mediocre phone

From what I can tell, it’s similar in principle to the Blackphone and the odd-looking Turing Phone (pictured).

The problem with encrypted comms, of course, is that no bugger else uses them, no matter how much I nag them to.  Sadly, encrypted comms aren’t likely to be of much use to me until major manufacturers start including it out of the box.

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