Thursday, 22 October 2015

Are you a virgin flesh? More documentation of online abuse

Privacy and abuse are closely related.  Abusers often seek out their targets’ private information and use it against them by dxxing, SWATing or worse: it’s hardly unknown for abusers to contact their targets’ colleagues, loved-ones or to turn up at their home or place of work.  But on top of that, online abuse is itself a violation of privacy.  It’s an invasion; a violation of people’s right to be left alone.

And it’s horrible. I’ve suffered a little online abuse from time to time but nothing compared to the kind of abuse many prominent and even ordinary women suffer on a daily basis, often for years.  Several women I know have been silenced because of this kind of abuse.  What kind of abuse?  Well here is only the latest example, from We Hunted the Mammoth.

Mia Matsumiya, an L.A. musician, is also a human female on the internet, and in the latter capacity has been getting — and saving — creepy messages from creepy dudes for a decade, more than a thousand in total.

Now she’s posting them on Instagram, supplemented by some of the especially creepy ones her friends have gotten as well.

Consider yourself trigger-warned.  There are some horrible things there.

We need to do more to address online bullying and abuse, and more to help people protect themselves.

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