Friday, 9 October 2015

Jimmy Wales calls Cameron’s plan to ban strong crypto ‘moronic’

Image result for crypto back doorWikipedia founder and UK government advisor Jimmy Wales has described the Tory government’s plan to ban strong end-to-end crypto as “a moronic, very stupid thing to do”.  He’s right.  A world with strong crypto is a safer place than one without. 

As has been explained to David Cameron about a thousand times, there is no way to put a backdoor into crypto for law enforcement that baddies won’t be able to find.  And that’s assuming we trust our own governments and law enforcement, which is becoming increasingly difficult.

History shows us that if governments – even relatively benign ones – can spy on us, they will.  Surveillance is like a drug; no government could resist spying on more and more aspects of our lives.  Encryption is the only protection we have.

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