Tuesday, 26 January 2016

What could possibly go wrong?

First, a plea to non-geeks: stop stealing our jargon. I guarantee that "real-time" doesn't mean what you think it means.  Stick to writing about your various x-related factors and your strict dancing and stop talking about things you don't understand.

Second, look at this.

Scottish police now have "real-time" access to the Blue Badge database: the national database that records those who are qualified to park in designated disabled parking spots.  I'm all for enforcing the law on this; I'm somewhat challenged in the walking department myself, but while an extra few hundred yards can sometimes feel like a few hundred miles, I'm - rightly - not allowed to use the more convenient parking spots. Other people need them a shitload more than I do.

But let's examine a couple of ways that this law could be enforced.

  • Police officers and traffic wardens could make a note of cars parked in a disabled spot that don't have a blue badge.  They could later enter the license plate into whatever system it is they have and an automatic fine could be issued.  Or,
  • Police could have open access to a list of disabled people, which they'd be free to abuse in anyway they desired. And let's not forget that the database will sooner rather than later be hacked by criminals.
The first method of enforcement seems adequate and doesn't put the people it's trying to protect at risk, The second is all over the fucking place.  There's nothing to be gained by giving police a list of disabled people.  The claim that police will be able to deal with people who park in disabled spaces without a blue badge more quickly is patently bogus.

Of course, while police are checking whether a blue badge is legit, they might as well check their criminal record....  I don't like where this leads.

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