Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How the Snooper's Charter revisions dealt with "the majority of recommendations from the 3 committees"

In a statement accompanying the latest revisions to the Snooper's Charter, Theresa May said:
I am pleased to say that the revised bill … give[s] effect to the vast majority of the recommendations made by the three committees

 One of these alterations was from the intelligence and security committee, who said:
Overall, the privacy protections are inconsistent and in our view need
strengthening,” it said. “We recommend that an additional Part be included in the new legislation to provide universal privacy protections, not just those that apply to
sensitive professions.
 This is a pretty serious concern and a hugely important recommendation.  The Home Office responded by adding the word "privacy" to a section heading.  Needless to say, the section does not address the most important privacy concerns.

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