Saturday, 19 March 2016

The FBI's warning about car hacking

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For fuck's sake

Yep, good stuff.  I'm more concerned about hackers stealing the car's data than I am about their shutting down the engine on the motorway.  I've owned several cars that did that all by themselves anyway.  I'm even more concerned about the people who sell us cars or insure them or who just really want to know harvesting that data.  It can not be in the drivers' best interests.

WRT the image: 

Seriously, journalists?  Can you actually be this lazy? You illustrated an article about hacking cars with... this? That's the best you could come up with?  FUCK ME. About 94% of articles about privacy or security are illustrated with partial shots of keyboards with a key featuring a padlock or even - for fucks sake - the word "security" or something.  Those are bad enough.  But this one? This fucking one? You have an entire internet out there filled with pictures of crashed cars or people with laptops plugged into cars or - for fuck's actual sake, KITT. You need to try a lot harder from now on.

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