Friday, 22 April 2016

Is Amazon marketing to bike thieves?

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I'm interested in cycling and I'm interested in lock picking.  I've searched for paraphernalia related to both on Amazon and consequently my recommendations include items related to each.

Recommendations are sometimes categorised in a weird way.  Practice locks (locks mounted in clear plastic for learning lock picking) are listed under the cycling category, when they'd seem to have nothing to do with cycling.

At first I assumed that this was due to a generalised algorithm not taking into account subtleties of classification, meaning that their ontology sucks.

But then I started to wonder if Amazon had actually got it right.  I'm not a bike thief but an interest in bikes and lock picking might suggest that I am.  So perhaps Amazon is marketing to the niche Gentleman Bike thief crowd.

I'm not sure which I prefer.

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