Friday, 20 May 2016

Free Chelsea Manning

This is not an offer to get a free Chelsea Manning, it's a post about why she shouldn't be in prison:
The issue with Manning being found guilty of a criminal offense for violating her employer's terms of use is one of precedent: if Manning is sent to jail for violating the fine print in her employment agreement, then so can anyone else who breaks their own employer's terms and conditions. That means that most of us could be sent to jail for things we do every day.
This isn't hyperbole.

13858609833_3ab5048441_bI once signed an employment contract that prohibited 'horseplay'.  And a flat rental agreement that was altered to allow a pet which read "providing that the pet in question is not a horse kept in the bath".

The latter was a joke by the estate agent, but the horseplay clause (not sure what's going on with all these horses) was completely serious.  It was a clause designed to be deliberately vague so they could sack people with impunity for arbitrary reasons.

Of course, this was a company which had a light sensor to turn off the security lights, positioned directly in the glare of a security light.

We also built a test rig which was so poorly earthed that it was vitally important that you went to the toilet before touching it.

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